Debt Settlements

Helping lift the burden of the unsurmountable debt off your shoulders

At Innovative Credit Solutions we understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances beyond one’s control occur which make life difficult. Someone may have been laid off after 20 years at a job. Another person may have lost a loved one and was suddenly presented with a tremendous amount of unplanned and unwanted debt. Yet another person may have been severely injured at work and had his income drastically reduced temporarily. At Innovative Credit Solutions we don’t judge someone because of their temporary inability to pay but rather we take a proactive hand is assisting them with getting their past due accounts and their life back in order.

At innovative Credit Solutions we understand that not every debt is going to be resolved through a simple dispute process. Some debts are legitimately owed and must be resolved through different means. Here at Innovative Credit Solutions, our consultants will analyze and review your case so that we can approach each individual debt in a personalized and efficient manner. We will discuss what your options are for each particular case so that you can make an informed decision on what approach works best for you. In the cases were the debt simply needs to be paid, Innovative Credit Solutions will fight for you to try and get you the most reasonable and affordable solution in order to lift the burden of the unsurmountable debt off your shoulders.

What our clients are saying about ICS...

Richard is great, he is helping me…thanks from the bottom of my heart. He is fighting for me with dedication, professionalism, and experience.

- Sandra, Bakersfield, CA
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