Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? Not sure whether or not it’s the appropriate solution for you? We can help!

One of the more common questions we get in our office is the bankruptcy question. Specifically, its:

Should I file for bankruptcy?

Like most credit questions, the answer is: It depends. Most consumers facing the thought of a Bankruptcy are not quite sure what other options are out there to avoid the bankruptcy. Debt Consolidation? Debt Management Plan? Credit Counseling? Debt Settlements? Let’s talk!

Since 2006 we have helped folks understand their options so that they can finally move forward from whatever it was that caused them the financial hardship. A Bankruptcy will be on your credit report for 10 years, don’t make the decision without weighing and understanding all of your options. More importantly, the pros and cons of each option. Just because your relative or friend filed for bankruptcy, does not mean you should.

It is important to factor in and consider the age of your debts, your overall end goal, the balance of your debts and the type of debts you have. If your debts are too old, maybe the bankruptcy does not make much sense anymore.

We have consulted hundreds of people since 2006 regarding their bad debt. In many cases consumers did not want to file for Bankruptcy, but after consulting with us it was apparent that a bankruptcy was indeed needed. Other times, it was quite the opposite. Let us put things in perspective and in the appropriate context for you and your family. We have developed great relationships with local, honest and ethical Bankruptcy attorneys whom we work with and would highly recommend should a Bankruptcy be the best option for you.

What our clients are saying about ICS...

Anselmo, Thanks Again for your time and expertise. I love to see enlightened faces when you speak! And thanks for the personal help! I know you get it a lot, but you sir, ARE THE BEST!!

- Susana, Bakersfield, CA
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