Do you remember 2010?

By Anselmo Moreno

2017 is here – and it really got me thinking about 2010. Breaking Bad was the top-rated TV series, foreclosures were at an all-time high, and President Obama enacted the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

What I specifically remember about 2010, was that the theme here in the office revolved around 2003…which meant that we carefully audited credit reports and asked our clients questions about the age of some of their debts specifically to find out if the debt may have gone into default on or before 2003. This would help us determine if the 7-year credit reporting statute would apply to any of the debts present on the credit report.

As you hopefully are guessing by now, we will have 2010 very present in our office this year as we begin to help consumers strategize their credit repair projects and it will revolve a lot around the year 2010.

That year was a tough year for the economy and subsequently for consumers. Jobs were scarce, credit was very tight, home values continued to plummet… remember? It was like the sky fell.

If you had debts go into default and sent to collection sometime in 2010, then 2017 is YOUR year of redemption. Did you have a home foreclosed/short-sold in 2010? That is supposed to be permanently deleted from your credit report this year. The same thing applies to credit card debts, auto loans, medical bills…etc.

Most consumers don’t remember exact dates and are unable to determine with any confidence if their debts are about to age out. Over the last 11 years, we have been able to perfect our craft and can confidently help consumers determine their correct dates and how to plan a credit repair plan with factual dates in mind. It’s super important, because you don’t want to spend money on a debt that goes away next month, nor do you want to wait on a debt thinking it goes away in June when it really goes away in December…for $30 we can audit your credit report and give you factual, clear, concise advice that will help make 2017 generate your best credit score possible. Contact us my calling 661-369-8130 or visiting our website.

I previously wrote in detail about the famous “7-year rule” – missed it? Check it out here: The Seven Year Rule




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