Anselmo Moreno: Live on the MoneyWise Guys Radio Show!

By Anselmo Moreno

I was invited onto the Moneywise Guys Radio Show back on 07/21/2016!


We cover A LOT of different topics quickly, if something below peaks your interest, fast forward to it 🙂

@ :57 Seconds: Why is it important to have a good credit score?

@ 1:25 : Dating/Marriage and Credit Scores

@ 1:40: Marriage and Credit Scores – do your credit reports combine?

@ 2:55 : Employers and Credit Scores

@ 3:30: The BEST place to get your credit report and score

@ 4:40: Why your credit scores vary depending on where you get your score from

@ 6:00: Why your credit score is never the same…

@7:48: Demystifying Credit Inquiries

@9:04 The 7 Year rule: Explained

@13:58 Do all three credit bureaus subscribe to FICO?

@14:47 Why do the credit bureaus come up with different scores?

@15:20 Do they credit bureaus communicate with Each other?

@19:48 How do you dispute errors on your credit report?

@21:00 What’s the best way to build credit?

Listen to the show!

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