The Momoa Family

Faithful and trusting clients and now proud homeowners

Congratulations to the Momoa Family! We at Innovative Credit Solutions had assisted Mr. Momoa back in 2008 when he was going trough very difficult times. We helped him qualify for a new home by raising his score and he was so grateful that he referred many clients to us over the years. He had so much faith and trust in us that several years later, he even referred his girlfriend and wife to be, Miss Dye, to us for assistance.

Miss Dye, now known as Mrs. Momoa, was having difficulty with her credit as she had just lost a home and had debts to multiple creditors. Our consultants helped her navigate the sea of confusion when it comes to credit and what her options where when it came to resolving her debts. We guided her through the rough patches and informed her of what steps were beneficial for her to take and what mistakes to avoid in order to maximize her score improvement. Now, Mrs. Momoa is a proud owner of a beautiful home! Congratulations once again to the Momoa family!

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