The Saucedo Family

Thank you to the Saucedo family for giving us the opportunity in assisting them with their credit score. We were happy to be able to have you be a part of the Innovative Credit Solutions family!

Sometimes people fall into hard times for reasons they simply can not avoid or weren’t expecting. Because of these undue hardships, their credit suffers trough no fault of their own. But just because they fall into hard times does not mean that they should have to suffer for years even after they have fulfilled all their past due obligations in full. In the case of the Saucedo family, they were being told no by creditors simply because they had some past blemishes that had already been satisfied. By allowing us the opportunity to assist them, we made sure that their past didn’t haunt them any longer. Now they are the proud owners of a wonderful new home! Thank you once again to the Saucedo family for allowing us to be a part of their home purchasing team!

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