Identity Theft

We help navigate identity theft cases and resolve fraudulent accounts on your credit report

For the last 10 years in a row, Identity theft was the number one consumer complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission. The problem seems to be growing, as data breaches are now driving identity theft cases to new levels. You can be doing everything right in safeguarding your information, but criminals are now not stealing your personal information from you, but rather from safe, secure, encrypted databases of the companies you do business with. Does the Anthem data breach ring a bell? Target? T-Mobile? The IRS?!

Regardless of how or why you’ve been victimized with Identity theft, Innovative Credit Solutions has the knowledge and experience to assist you in taking the proper steps and procedures necessary in order to restore your good name and credit.

Innovative Credit Solutions has assisted consumers in the handling of Identity Theft cases for over 10 years. We assist consumers who need the appropriate guidance and direction as to how to identify fraudulent accounts, and give you a step by step guide to restore your good credit and your name. Innovative Credit Solutions will also assist you with contacting the numerous credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, and law enforcement agencies in order to ensure that your case gets handled in an efficient and proper manner. If it seems like your case isn’t being taken seriously by the creditors or collection agencies, Innovative Credit Solutions will inform and guide you in taking the necessary steps to ensure that no creditor or collection agency reports a fraudulent account on your report.

If you are in need of assistance with resolving fraudulent accounts on your report, or navigating an Identity Theft case, call Innovative Credit Solutions and put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!

What our clients are saying about ICS...

The best…Richard is great at what he does. Very knowledgeable and great advice. Will work for you over and beyond his duty. I am glad we found him. Now we were able to buy our house.

- Faviola, Bakersfield, CA
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